Landon Clements and Shep Rose have obviously had their moments on "Southern Charm," but the two haven't actually dated. She even admitted to him that she was "in love" with him and hoped that when he decided to settle down some day, it would be with her. Now, she is admitting that she actually still has feelings for him. There have also been some rumors this season that Landon was dating Thomas Ravenel, but she recently said those were false.

What did Landon Clements have to say?

In a recent interview, Landon revealed that she is still in love with Shep Rose.

She said, "I'll always be in love with Shep. He feels very much the same way, but it's just different kinds of love. Do I want to have his babies and pick up after him for the rest of my life? Not really." It doesn't sound like they will end up together, but it also doesn't sound like she is totally against the idea either. Landon did go on to say she wasn't sure she could handle it and that they might end up killing each other. It really does sound like things are best for them the way that they are right now.

Landon Clements feels like her relationship with Shep is too great the way that it is now. She doesn't want to mess up their great friendship. You know that Shep has a lot of women in his life that will be looking at the new girl he dates to see if he found the perfect one or not.

The thing is Shep Rose may have already found love on his own though. He is doing his own reality show called "Relationshep" where he will go around and meet various girls to see if he can find love. Shep is going to try to find the perfect girl. Nobody knows just yet if this worked for him or not, but it sounds like filming has already started.

He has been spotted in a few various places and you know anywhere that Shep goes the women are going to surround him.

Right now, Landon Clements is enjoying the single life. She has been very focused on her blog recently. She said that Thomas is more like a brother or an uncle to her and not someone she would date. The fans would still love to see her end up with someone from the show or at least find love.

Are you shocked to hear that Landon Clements is still into Shep Rose? Do you think that these two will ever end up together? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Southern Charm" on Monday nights on Bravo. You will also get to see "Relationshep" on Bravo sometime soon. They haven't shared an exact air date yet.