Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce shook their fans all over the world as the real life "Mr. And Mrs. Smith" decided to be a couple no more. Speculations about their divorce circulated through the media, but none of them talked openly about it.

According to reports, the estranged celebrity couple wanted to keep their divorce low key, but with their current celebrity status as A-listers in Hollywood, keeping their personal lives away from the limelight is next to impossible. Aside from the divorce, child custody was also a hot topic because they were known to be a big family with several adopted children from different countries.

Since they announced their divorce in Sept. 2016, fans did not really have an idea as to what was the concrete reason for the divorce. However, in a recent interview in GQ, Brad Pitt has shed a new light on the puzzling and shocking divorce of 2016.

Heavy drinking, pot smoking - a lifetime of cutting emotional ties

Brad Pitt's recent interview with GQ magazine seemed to be quite more than what the publication bargained for. Primarily, it simply wanted to give the readers an update or an overview of how the "Allied" actor is doing or coping up after the divorce. However, things turned out on serious note when the actor candidly opened up about his weaknesses - heavy drinking, pot smoking and a habit of cutting himself from emotional ties.

While the said admissions might push the fans to worry about the "Fight Club" actor's wellbeing, he admitted that he is currently undergoing therapy and has decided to quit drinking. According to reports, the "Mr. And Mrs. Smith" actor is trying to distance himself from alcoholic drinks, replacing it with fizzy water and cranberry juice.

On child abuse issues

According to reports, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce might have been triggered during an episode when the former lost his temper in front of the children. The "Maleficent" actress has reportedly decided to push through with the divorce when the said incident happened, feeling afraid for the safety of her children.

However, the 53-year old actor was cleared of the said allegations last Jan. 2017, making him less of an evil villain in the highly sensationalized divorce.

Fans of the "Inglorious Basterds" actor are still hoping that he will be able to rise up from the ashes and use the debris of the divorce as stepping stones to move on and continue with his career.