Miley Cyrus claims that she has given up on smoking marijuana and states that she is “evolving. The “Hannah Montana” star claimed she had not smoked marijuana in the last three weeks and the timeline is the longest she has stayed clean till date. The statement is quite a surprise coming from the 24-year old singer who in the past had not hidden her pro-marijuana views.

Miley confirmed that she was not drinking or doing drugs and was “completely clean.” She added that these were things she wished to do but was not doing any of it now.

Miley talks about her new single

Miley, who recently rekindled her romance with fiancé Liam Hemsworth back in 2016, asserts that she has come out of the phase she terms “Dead Petz” after her 2015 psychedelic album, where the world saw the star perform with glittery liquid covering her face. Cyrus is close to releasing her new music which is a romantic ballad dedicated for Hemsworth dubbed “Malibu.” Cyrus says that her new single from her yet-untitled album is “unlike anything” she has done previously.

“Malibu” is slated to release on May 11. The 24-year old singer states that she while she was composing “Malibu” she confessed that both Hemsworth and he needed to “refall” in love with each other all over again.

The former Disney star shared that the initial draft of the song was created during one of her Uber rides that she had taken to reach the set of “The Voice,” where she acted as the coach for season 11. Constant media speculations about her relationship with Hemsworth is what inspired her to write the songs, says Cyrus.

Cyrus and her life with Liam

Currently, the singer resides in Malibu with her 27-year old fiancé, seven dogs, two miniature horses, and two pigs for the company. The property was bought in 2014 by Hemsworth, much before Cyrus moved in. It is on the Malibu property that she built her boho recording studio dubbed Rainbow Land, where she is currently giving last touches to her upcoming yet-to-be-titled album.

It was while filming the motion picture “The Last Song in 2009” that Liam started dating his co-actor and singer Miley Cyrus. The couple stayed together while taking breaks from each other for three long years before they announced their engagement in June 2012. However, with a year of their engagement, the couple parted ways in 2013 only to rekindle their relationship in early 2016. Cyrus confessed to being engaged again to him during an interview on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in October 2016.