Thomas Forrester is a spoiled rich playboy. He is also man in love. Although he and Sally Spectra have only shared a few kisses, he is clearly smitten and because of Miss Spectra, Thomas has alienated his family. He refuses to give up the girl he loves, who is from the wrong side of the tracks. And now his father has fired him because he chose love over family.

Uptown Thomas

Thomas Forrester has lived a life or privilege. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth because he is part of the Forrester dynasty. His father, grandfather and grandmother built an empire designing "Forrester Creations." His entire family is involved in the dress making, and fashion show business.

Thomas should have been heir apparent, but he made a grave error in judgment.

Young Forrester spent one night, with beautiful socialite Caroline Spencer. At the time she was married to but separated from his father Ridge. As a result of the one night stand, Caroline gave birth to a son. Ridge decided to pass the child off as his own and sent his son to work in Paris. Thomas came home, and the truth was revealed. Caroline divorced Ridge and moved to New York. Thomas followed but soon returned to LA. His father forgave him and the family business went on as usual.

Lately, however, Thomas has been very frustrated. He was passed over for the CEO position that Forrester, in favor of his sister Steffy.

In the midst of his discontent in the business world, he met and fell in love with Sally Spectra, whose company has had an ongoing rivalry. with the Forresters.

Downtown Sally

Sally Spectra is named for her great aunt who made a living stealing from the Forresters. She copied their designs, tweaked them, and sold them as her own.

Her grandmother continually told her that she was not good enough for Thomas Forrester. And after a bad review of her fashions, Sally reverted to the methods of her aunt. She allowed her grandma to convince her to steal designs from Forrester and pass them off as hers.

When Thomas found out, he was crushed and walked away from his lady love.

He later had a change of heart and testified to keep her out of jail for the thefts. He then gave her a check for $100,000 to pay off her debts and keep Spectra Fashions in business.

Ridge is livid

When Ridge was told that Thomas gave money to the woman who cost his company millions in lost designs he becomes livid. The dressmaker goes to his son's loft, and the two argue. Ridge demands that Thomas stops seeing Sally and return the money. He basically orders him to obey. On Tuesday's episode, Thomas refuses to back down and his father says (in Donald Trump mode from the Apprentice) "You're fired!" Thomas looked shocked but fans know where this is going. Thomas will join Spectra Fashions and design for them. he will help Sally see her potential, and give his family a run for their money.