It's been two months since #The Vampire Diaries officially ended after #Season 8. Shortly after the finale season was fully wrapped, fans have since been on the lookout to the possibility that another franchise for the supernatural series will come into view in the future.

A spinoff is not impossible

That alone is one of the reasons why the series really deserves a sequel. For eight long seasons, "The Vampire Diaries" was consistent in terms of ratings and its characters were also able to build a solid fan base. Though it was quite a shocker for everyone after it was announced that the series will not be returning after season 8, many fans are still hopeful for a comeback.

Following several theories and speculations, showrunner Julie Plec made her statement clear that while she's not closing any doors for a sequel, all the cast members deserve a break from the show. With this, the expectations are there but it may not be taking place anytime soon.

"I think probably everybody involved with The Vampire Diaries needs a nice, long break from being a vampire or witch, werewolf, etc," Plec explained during her interview in March. "And if, when they come out with the other side of that hiatus, they want to show up in The Originals sandbox, they are absolutely welcome with open arms."

As she made it clear enough, any cast member from "The Vampire Diaries" who wishes to join the spin-off series #The Originals is welcome.

Speaking of, the series is now on its fourth season and there are only two episodes left until the finale.

Aside from the out of the box spoilers that can be underway, many are as well speculating on the crossover characters who may visit "The Originals" territory anytime before the finale and what would be their roles the moment they enter the dangerous city of New Orleans.

Who will jump from 'The Vampire Diaries' to 'The Originals'?

Given that a lot can still happen before the finale, unexpected visitors and new faces may also come into view. Moreover, even before season 4 was renewed by The CW, a bunch of speculations were on-point to see Caroline Forbes (Candice King) who was last seen opening a school for witches and specially gifted children in Mystic Falls.

Whether or not Caroline is coming to New Orleans, everything will remain under wraps until the viewers can see it for themselves. However, after Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis) made his unexpected appearance, the chances to see more "The Vampire Diaries" characters moving to "The Originals" have been apparently fueled.

While crossover characters can be a lot more possible than getting a sequel for the time-being, looking at the massive requests among fans who have been keeping their hopes high to see Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, and Paul Wesley reunited onscreen for a sequel, the undertakings can also turn the table in the latter.