After nearly eight years of opposition, the Republican Party took their first legit step at repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. With the bill passing in the House of Representatives early this week, Donald Trump was quick to gloat, which prompted Bill Maher to speak out.

Maher on Trump

Just a year after Barack Obama was sworn into office following the historic presidential election of 2008, Obamacare was made the law of the land and changed how the United States ran health care. Since then, the law has received mixed reviews, bust has helped millions receive health insurance for the first time.

As expected, Republicans were against Obama's landmark piece of legislation from the start, with their opposition growing by the year. For the remainder of his time in office, Obama was forced to deal with dozens of repeal efforts by his Republican counterparts. However, with Obama out office and Donald Trump now in the White House, the GOP dream of deleting Obamacare could soon be a reality, especially with Republicans holding majority-control of Congress in the process. With Republicans voting "yes" on "Trumpcare" earlier this week, critics of the president have come down hard on the bill, with many living in fear over not knowing if they wil be dropped by the insurance provider, or with premiums they are unable to afford.

As seen during the May 5 episode of "Real Time with Bill Maher" on HBO, Bill Maher didn't hold back his thoughts.

Starting off his show with an opening monologue, Bill Maher targeted Donald Trump and the entire Republican Party over the aforementioned health care vote.

"The House did it, they basically let the states be the bad guys," Bill Maher said. "This is how they got, by the way, moderate Republicans on board," he pointed out, before noting,"These are the people who are like 'I dabble in killing people. I don't call myself a murderer.'"

Bill Maher then addressed Donald Trump's speech at the White House following the health care vote where he, along with other Republicans, celebrated their victory.

"They threw a big party in the Rose Garden....Look at these a**holes," Maher said. "Trump got carried away and grabbed a pu**y...Paul Ryan," he noted to the laughter of the audience. "At one point he said, 'I'm the president, can you believe it?'...No, no dipsh*t, that's why we are investigating Russia," the comedian said. Maher continued to hit back at Trump, even calling him out over his recent controversial remarks about Andrew Jackson and the Civil War.

Moving forward

While Bill Maher and other critics continue to push back at Donald Trump and the GOP for their future plans on health care, it doesn't look like the president and his party will be changing their tune anytime soon. Though the commander in chief often talks and tweets a big game, the latest polls show Trump with just a 40 percent approval rating, and it doesn't look to be improving anytime soon.