Just 24 hours after Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, critics in the media have piled on. As the backlash continues, Donald Trump is obviously getting frustrated.

Trump on Twitter

For close to a decade, Republicans have built their entire political agenda around one thing; the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. From the day former President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law back in January 2009, it was clear that the battle lines had been drawn, and that the political fight would not end anytime soon.

Throughout the entire Obama administration, congressional Republicans voted over 60 times to eliminate the health care law, but it was seen as nothing more than a partisan waste of time as the expected veto was always the end game. However, with the election of Donald Trump, a bright light of hope came shinning down on conservatives, especially with Republicans in majority control of both chambers of Congress. Despite failing to gain support in their first attempt, Trump and the GOP passed their health care bill in the House earlier this week. The reaction was split down party lines, but the media has increased its criticism due to the controversy surrounding the details of the plan. As seen on his Twitter account on May 5, Trump is not pleased with how the press is reporting the story in question.

Taking to his Twitter account on Friday night was Donald Trump, who once again engaged in a war of words with the media. "Wow,the Fake News media did everything in its power to make the Republican Healthcare victory look as bad as possible," Trump tweeted, before adding, "Far better than Ocare!"

In a follow-up tweet, Donald Trump continued to hit back at the alleged "fake news" media.

"Why is it that the Fake News rarely reports Ocare is on its last legs and that insurance companies are fleeing for their lives?" he wrote on Twitter, while noting, "It's dead!"

Moving forward

While Republicans were able to take their first step in deleting the Affordable Act Care, the journey is far from over.

The bill will now head to the Senate, before it gets sent through several committees, and then finally the president's desk for his stamp of approval. The bill is expected to pass with the GOP in full control, but stranger things have happened during Donald Trump's time in office. As the commander in chief gloats about his short term victory, millions of Americans have expressed fear over what it will mean to potentially have their health insurance taken away from them, and their live's put at risk in the process.