Over the last two years that Donald Trump has been involved with politics, it's changed the way the media has handled their coverage. After yet another controversial policy push in the form of repealing the affordable care act, MSNBC host Joy Reid made sure to sound off on social media.

Reid on Trump

When Donald Trump stood on the floor of Trump Tower back in June 2015 and announced his campaign for president, he quickly got off on the wrong foot with most of the media when he labeled illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." Since then, the former host of "The Apprentice" has watched his relationship with the press deteriorate, often calling journalists "terrible people," while labeling any report he doesn't like as "fake news." Not long after he was sworn into office, Trump became so irritated with the media that he banned several well-respected news outlets from a White House press briefing, including the New York Times, BBC, and CNN.

While Trump has supporters in the right-wing media and on the conservative-leaning Fox News, it's hosts and anchors on CNN and MSNBC that routinely take shots at the president. After Trump led the charge in taking steps to repeal the Affordable Care Act this week, Joy Reid gave her opinion during a series of May 5 Twitter posts.

Taking to her Twitter account on Friday was Joy Reid, and the host of "A.M. Joy" didn't pull any punches in her criticism of Donald Trump. "Today, the phrase 'elections have consequences' should be hitting you with new and ominous clarity,' she tweeted out.

"House Republicans gleefully, gladly, and with beer celebrations, voted to tax the poor, the sick & seniors to hand $1 trillion to the rich," Joy Reid went on to write on Twitter. Reid went forward and pointed out that Republicans in Congress found away to exempt themselves from the changes in proposed health care law, leaving themselves open for endless criticism from those on the left.

Twitter attack

"If you think Trump, who promised to take care of 'his people' wouldn't sign this moral rot in a heartbeat you're really deluded," Joy Reid tweeted in regards to Donald Trump. Reid then went on to focus on Trump's apparent obsession with topping what Barack Obama did over the last eight years, as so much of his presidency has been in relation to eliminating the previous president's accomplishments.

Not stopping there, the host continued her virtual and verbal takedown of the president.

In another tweet on the matter, the MSNBC host wrote, "Elections have consequences." while adding, "What a sad state of moral affairs." As the hours moved on, Joy Reid continued her thoughts on what the commander in chief and the GOP are doing on the issue of health care and other topics, and it was clear that the divide between the White House and the press was only getting worse.