"Big Brother 19" spoilers tease that Robyn Kass, casting director, revealed that she contacted those selected to move forward as the semi-finalist chosen for the 2017 season. She went on to say that it's going to be a great season with those selected.

All new players?

Just because she said that she selected the semi-finalist doesn't mean there won't be any vet players. In seasons past, they would pick 10-14 new players and throw in two to four veterans in the mix. Is it possible they will do that again?

Of course, it's possible, but the majority of the "Big Brother" fans want to see all new players this season.

Another big request from the viewers is they don't want to see any recruited players, only those who applied to be on the show.

Kass told her Twitter followers that she planned on listening to the "BB19" fans and following their advice, as much as she could. Now, that doesn't mean much because it's possible she couldn't follow any of it, and she could claim she tried.

"Big Brother" fans remain hopeful that she was able to cast an all new cast with few recruited players. For the all digital season, "Big Brother: Over The Top" the cast was exactly what the "BB19" fans want to see-- the houseguests included were a mix of all ages, short, tall, average weight, and very relatable.

All-Stars 2 still possible?

"Big Brother 19" could still be an all-stars season. CBS hasn't revealed much information about the season, except they will be making a few format changes.

"Big Brother" host, Julie Chen, said that CBS is planning on changing a few things to bring the excitement back to the series.

Chen refused, at first, to say anything about these top secret changes. Then she stated that they plan on keeping the houseguest up during waking hours to make the livefeeds much more entertaining to watch.

Does that mean no more watching the houseguests nap all day? If so, that's a win in my book!

Robyn Kass refused to comment on whether the cast will be all new, all stars, or a mix of the two.

All she would say about it is that the season will be great and we'll have to wait until CBS announces the cast in mid-June.

For all of those contacted, "Big Brother" fan wish you the best luck. And to those that applied and didn't hear back, keep your chin up and keep applying to CBS for "Big Brother" and "Survivor"!

"Big Brother 19" fans, do you think this season will be all star, all new, or a mix of the two?

"BB19" returns June 18 with a two-hour premiere on CBS.