It's been a wild first few days on "Big Brother Canda." After Mark had been evicted on Thursday night, no one knew what to expect when the live feeds officially were switched on.

HOH and nomination results

Demetres won the head of household competition and nominated Dillon and Emily. Obviously, Emily is just a pawn and the target for week two is Dillon. They still have a chance to win the Power Of Veto so that the final nominations may change before the end of the week.

Power of Veto competition winner

Dillon won the POV, which immediately created drama in the "Big Brother Canada" house.

The house knew that he would remove himself from the block which meant that Demetres had to name a replacement nominee. Many names were tossed around, but it kept coming back to one houseguest, a person that many people felt was a huge threat.

The nomination plan

Demetres decided almost immediately after Dillon's win that Dallas would be the replacement nominee. He expressed concerns that he couldn't trust him, something that the vets seemed to agree on. Demetres' only concern was that someone would tell Dallas of their plan before the POV meeting.

Big Brother Network reported that that is exactly what happened. Yesterday, Dallas was told that Demetres planned to nominate him after Dillon took himself off the block. Dallas, of course, was shocked and upset. It occurred to Dallas that the reason he is the target was because he was close to Dillon. He had to find a way to break away from Dillon to save himself.

"Big Brother Canada" spoilers stated that Dallas went to meet with Demetres and tried to make a safety deal. Demetres told him that he has to put him on the block, but he will try to keep him safe for the week.

POV meeting results

There was some flip-flopping right before the POV ceremony, but Demetres did exactly what he said he was going to do -- he put Dallas on the block after Dillon removed himself.

After the veto ceremony, Dillon was pretty upset about a comment Dallas made about him. Apparently, Dallas said that Dillon is in a bad position in the game. Dillon fired back, saying he would never "sell out his self-respect for $100,000."

So "Big Brother Canada" fans, the final nominations for week two are Emily and Dallas. It looks like Dallas' chance to stay in the house is pretty slim. Who do you think will be evicted?

"Big Brother Canada 5" airs Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.