The aftermath of Donald Trump firing James Comey as the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has hit the White House like a tornado. As the president does his best to keep his team in order, social media has gone viral over the story, with actor George Takei making sure to hold Trump's feet to the fire.

Takei on Trump

It's been well-documented that both Democrats and Republicans have had an issue with former FBI Director James Comey over the last year. At first, it was the Democratic Party who hit back at Comey for allegedly costing Hillary Clinton the election by bringing up her private server use just weeks before voters went to the polls.

While this might be the case, Comey has also become a thorn in the side of conservatives, especially since he's been in charge of the investigation into alleged Russian interference in the election, with evidence pointing to Kremlin collusion with the Donald Trump campaign. After the news broke that Trump had fired Comey, the White House has been dealing with heavy backlash, including follow-up reports that accuse the president of trying to have the former FBI head drop the investigation into retired Gen. Michael Flynn. The story has been a top trend on Twitter, which George Takei added to in a series of tweets on May 17.

Taking to Twitter to push back against Donald Trump over the James Comey scandal was George Takei, as the former "Star Trek" actor didn't hold back his thoughts.

"We tolerated Donald's incompetence because it prevented him from doing more harm. But it's no longer acceptable, it's a threat to our nation," Takei tweeted out.

"Memos Comey wrote after their meetings say Trump asked him to lay off the Flynn investigation.

Comey didn't. Trump fired him," George Takei wrote on Twitter. Takei then tweeted a predication quote for the history books trolling the president over his possible impeachment, writing, "'After a few tumultuous months in office, Trump abruptly resigned amid mounting evidence on several impeachable offenses.' -- History Books."

"When Trump told Comey to drop the Flynn investigation, it wasn't because he was concerned for Flynn.

No, it was to protect his own ass," George Takei added. "Karma karma karma karma karma Comey-lee-yunnnnn," Takei humorously wrote, before later noting, "Trump. He didn't get the memo."

Moving forward

While George Takei and other high-profiled critics of the president continue to use their popularity to speak out against Donald Trump, the White House has shown no signs of backing down from their agenda. Multiple reports over the last 48 hours have put even more pressure on the administration, citing dissension behind the scenes, with Trump scrambling to keep his head above water as the scandals rise on Capitol Hill.