"big brother 18" houseguest, Natalie Negrotti is under fire again for allegedly asking her fans to donate $200 to her charity, Melanoma Research, then only giving $40 of the $200 donation to the cause.

Natalie and James broke up

Several months ago, "Big Brother 18" fans were shocked when James Huling announced that he and Natalie had broken up, but would remain friends. The "BB18" followers probed James to try to figure out what led to their breakup, but he refused to answer.

Slowly, details started to emerge about their breakup and it was looking pretty bad for Natalie.

Social media alleged that Natalie had cheated on James and manipulated him into telling his followers and her family they were still an item. Of course, she denied the rumors ---although, "BB18" gossip continued to thrive.

James let it all out after getting a cease and desist letter

Last month, Huling decided to talk to his followers via Periscope and confirmed everything the "Big Brother 18" fans feared about Natalie --- she cheated on him and treated him awful. He was so angry she had to audacity to send him legal papers urging him to stop trashing her on social media that he blabbed all the juicy drama surrounding their breakup.

It created a war between the "BB18" fans. Natalie's followers against James' fans. There was even an allegation that one of Natalie's closest friends created multiple Twitter accounts to bully James and his followers. It was completely crazy, but it settled down after some time.

Natalie wants to be on 'Survivor'

The next juicy tidbit about Natalie came out was that she was eying a spot on "Survivor." According to Us Weekly, Negrotti wanted to go on the reality TV show to see if she has what it takes to win the game.

In the interview, Natalie said the advantage to "Survivor" over "Big Brother" was that it was only 39 days versus a little over three months. Natalie implied to the celebrity magazine that CBS had contacted her to be on the show. Many speculated that if she had a deal to come on the show before, her legal drama with James would put a stop to that.

The Skype call drama

Natalie posted to Twitter that she was going to call someone who donated $200 to her Melanoma Research Charity. It came out later that out of the $200 donation, Negrotti allegedly only donated $40, pocketing $160 for herself.

Negrotti has not replied to the recent scandal on social media, yet. It is unlikely that she will ever address the rumors anytime soon.

"Big Brother" fans, do you believe that Natalie pocketed most of the money her followers donated to Melanoma Research Skype call?

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