Ariel Winter seems to love flaunting her curves while rocking itty-bitty bikinis as the actress once again is turning heads in a daring swimsuit. The 19-year-old posted a snapshot on Wednesday of her kissing boyfriend Levi Meaden during a beach outing, and fans can't help but notice Winter is showing off a bit more skin than usual.

The actress keeps it simple

Winter posted the image on her Instagram as she told fans she had the best time in Vancouver with her boyfriend. While the couple is mid-embrace on a set of beach stairs, the focus of the image appears to be on Winter's bottom half.

Ariel poses in a blue thong bikini, which puts her curvaceous figure on full display.

This latest racy photo is nothing new for Winter as she continues to stun fans with her daring outfits. Some of her 3.2 million followers were quick to weigh in on the post as Ariel received over 110,000 likes within five hours of sharing the vacation post. People also shared their opinions in the comment section of Ariel's Instagram as they said things such as "lucky guy" to Levi and left fire emojis implying she's hot.

One commenter even typed a message to Ariel's haters as they stated something must be wrong with people who don't find her attractive. "If you don't think she's hot, run don't walk to a doctor because clearly there's something wrong with you."

However, not all of Winter's followers were pleased to see yet another racy image of the actress as they shared their criticisms of her outfit choice.

Ariel receives harsh words from fans

Some Instagram users reminded Ariel of her 'Modern Family' fan base, which consists of teens and adults alike, as they suggested she put on some more clothing. Other commenters suggested Winter only poses in such provocative attire in order to gain attention and more social media traffic.

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"NO! I can't put my clothes back on even though we're hiking! I gotta do it for the Instagram! Or else not as many people will like it!"

While some may judge Ariel for sharing revealing photos of herself or state she's only doing it for attention, most fans know of her battle against body shaming.

She may still be in her teenage years, but Winter has had her fair share of body image issues as she works to promote acceptance and positivity.

The young star has been open and honest about her battle to accept her curves after undergoing a breast reduction surgery in 2015. Since then, fans have noted Ariel has slimmed down as she continues to flaunt her figure.

Winter also publicly calls out those who wish to condone her risqué fashion choices and those who suggest she relies on photo editing to achieve her appearance. So, while some social media users express their disdain over once again seeing Ariel pose in a revealing bikini, fans can be sure the actress will continue to wear whatever she pleases.