One thing you can't accuse Ariel Winter of is overdressing. The "Modern Family" star flaunted weight loss and a nearly nude body on the Vanity Fair Young Hollywood red carpet. After claims of sexual harassment, the child star bared her boob job and all in a bikini dress. It looks like the 19-year-old may have had even more plastic surgery too. The "Sophia the First" star may have been making a statement against body-shaming. But many saw bad taste in her ensemble.

Ariel Winter shows off trim body

At Christmas, Winter showed off in a skimpy Santa costume and seemed to have gained weight.

In this recent dress, folks noted that her thighs appeared a lot slimmer. The celebrity hasn't talked much about whether she has lost weight or been working out more. In her "Modern Family" role as Alex Dunphy, Winter seemed to go from thin to near obesity over the years. That could have been due to her larger than normal breast growth. At 17 she was somewhere around a 32F bra size. And that caused other problems including sexual harassment and bullying.

Ariel Winter undergoes controversial pediatric plastic surgery

The character of Alex is a tomboy nerd witn no fashion sense. She wears baggy clothing in part to hide her massive chest. The body-shaming Ariel experienced wasn't in negative comments but unwanted sexual attention.

Having an adult body so young was uncomfortable physically, emotionally and socially. She was accused of having a breast implant procedure. Winter did elect to get a boob job, but not augmentation. This plastic surgery involved breast reduction.

Is Ariel Winter body confident?

Winter is controversial for having plastic surgery so young and for showing so much skin.

Some have questioned why she exposes so much if she doesn't like attention. But Ariel might not be as body confident as she seems. After her breast reduction, she appears to have had more. Does Winter rival Kylie Jenner for amount of procedures done so young? She appears to be copying Kim Kardashian with facial reconstruction, eye and eyebrow reshaping, Botox, and cheek or lip implants. Pictures from the back side show a possible butt lift too.