Ariel Winter, 19, continues to receive insults on social media for posting sexy photos. The artist gave an interview to Yahoo, where she talked about the trolls who attack her every day. The teen actress "invited" the body shamers to stop following her if they don't like what she does. Ariel is proud of her body and will continue to post sexy images, although some will bother her followers. The "Modern Family" star has been harassed by Haters in social networks for years. Some years ago, she was bothered by the negative comments towards her body, but now she ignores the trolls.

Ariel thinks that every woman is free to show off her body as she wishes because the female body is always beautiful.


The young artist has fought against stereotypes of beauty because she believes everyone should be accepted as they are. Thanks to these attitudes, Ariel has become a role model. The actress is flattered by that, but she thinks that being a role model is a very hard responsibility. In addition, she thinks people should stop pushing celebrities to be perfect. The artist refuses to control her own behavior for fear of generating controversy. She just wants to be herself and convey positive messages to all teens with low self-esteem. When she was a little girl, many people made fun of her and that made her sad.

That´s why she doesn't want other children to suffer the same things she suffered.


Ariel also talked about the different treatment than men and women receive in social networks. For example: if a man takes naked pictures, nobody says anything. If a woman does the same, people pointed her out as a prostitute. Women are not free to do what they want because they are always being judged.

The teen actress explains that she posts sexy pics because she likes her body and does not want to change her personality to just please her haters. The artist had a hard time accepting her body, and now that she has, she has to fight against the trolls who just want to annoy her. Ariel tries to ignore them, although several times she asked them to stop following her on social networks if her sexy pics are so offensive.

The teen star feels good about herself thanks to curvaceous women who have triumphed in Hollywood like Sofia Vergara, 44, who is the best-paid actress on television. They both became friends while working on "Modern Family" which is one of the most successful television series of recent times.