This week's double dose of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" was nerve-wracking, with last week's two-episode special building up the arc that would deliver us viewers to the Finale. It all began when Jake (Andy Samberg) and Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) were tasked to work with Lt. Hawkins (guest star Gina Gershon) on a case, which eventually led them to compete against each other for a spot in her team. The friendly and at times not so friendly competition ended up being pointless, as they both got a spot, but the joy was short-lived as Jake uncovered the truth about Hawkins: she was an evil, scheming cop who would stop at nothing to prevent herself from getting caught.

Jake and Rosa gain Hawkins' trust and immediately lose it

Think of it as a slippery fish—Jake and Rosa go through lengths to gain the trust of Hawkins, who is, unfortunately, two steps ahead of them all the time in the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" finale. While Jake and Rosa set her up in their bank heist, she frames them and accuses them of stealing $27 million and this doesn't go without proof. She's so good at her evil ways that she's even got offshore accounts in their names, filled with the money they supposedly stole. As the squad scramble to help them, it's interesting how their reactions reflect real life reactions of those who have experienced crisis or injustices. Jake is ever positive, teaming up with his girlfriend Amy (Melissa Fumero) to dig up a surprise witness that turns out to be under Hawkins' wing all this time.

On the other end of the spectrum is Rosa, who admits defeat and tries to run away, but not before Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) reminds her that the squad is her family.

Jake and Rosa are going to jail

The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" finale titled "Crime & Punishment" found Jake and Rosa enlisting the help of the squad to prove their innocence but to no avail.

Just when everything seemed to tip to their favor, with Rosa returning to testify and face the case, their surprise witness flipped on them, making Hawkins emerge victorious in her evil plans to put them in jail. This may not come as a surprise to Michael Schur and Dan Goor fans who are already familiar with their work and with how "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" works.

Goor admitted to Entertainment Weekly that they considered other ways for the show to end the season but chose to go with the guilty verdict instead. He admitted, "Of all the cliffhangers we’ve had — of all the big game-changers we’ve put Jake in the Nine-Nine through—this one feels like the most difficult to extricate ourselves from."

Writers already working on Season 5

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" was finally renewed a few weeks ago, much to the relief of fans and viewers. The Fox comedy series will return this fall with a new timeslot, this time going up against "The Good Place," which Michael Schur is also a part of. With regards to having Hawkins, Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas), and Milton Boyle (Ryan Phillippe) back, Goor said that it's highly schedule-dependent, but they would definitely love to have these guest stars back to continue the story arcs their characters have begun.

As for Amy's future, it seems that she'll finally get a chance to be a sergeant, as Goor explained, "Squads can have multiple sergeants, so my guess is that we will make her and Terry both sergeants, and that will create interesting power dynamics."

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is set to return this fall on Fox.

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