Andy Cohen is the jack of all trades. He hosts his wildly popular late-night talk show on the Bravo network, mediates the "Real Housewives" reunion shows, and now, he is going to host the revival of "Love Connection." The show is set to begin airing tonight on the FOX network. There is already plenty of hype over the show and potential for it to become something big. With the following Cohen has from fans over at the Bravo network, he could bring in some big numbers for "Love Connection."

Dating done differently

The way dating happens today is very different from how things were when the original "Love Connection" was running.

Things are mostly done in a cyber way, whether it is a dating website or by using an app. Swiping left and become the way of the world and this show is going to take it back a few decades. According to Us Weekly, Andy Cohen talked about how "Love Connection" is going to force people to actually interact. There will be time to get to know one another, unlike the typical blind date scenario where one makes an excuse and leaves before the night is over.

Aside from the quest to find love, Andy Cohen reveals there is a twist to the game. The audience will play a part in voting for who the contestant should choose. If the contestant doesn't go with the audience's choice, there will be a hard choice to make.

"Love Connection" will then give them the chance to proceed with the date they have chosen, or walk away with $10,000. This is going to make the game a little more exciting, especially with money being a factor.

"Love Connection" is diverse

This show has really stepped up the game when it comes to including homosexuals looking for love.

Of course, there will be the typical set-up of men looking for women and vice versa, but there will also be men looking for men and women looking for women. It is going to be diverse, and Andy Cohen was thrilled about that. With the way the world is today, it is important to have everyone represented, and that appears to be how the network felt as well.

Tonight, the first episode of "Love Connection" will air on FOX. Andy Cohen is excited to watch it all back and mentioned there were moments when you could tell the people were connected. Every race, gender, and sexual preference were included in the making of the show. It may have been based on the "Love Connection" so many watched and remember, but it is totally updated to reflect 2017 and all the changes that have been made since.