As the launch of the film adaptation of Stephen’s King’s epic “The Dark Tower” movie draws nearer, little hints, clues and Easter eggs keep cropping up. The latest Easter egg has been announced by none other than King himself during an interview with IGN, but director Nikolaj Arcel probably has more up his sleeve for those fans who have read the original book series.

Easter eggs and ‘The Dark Tower’

Several Easter eggs were spotted in the recently released trailer for “The Dark Tower,” including a reference to Pennywise the Clown of “It” fame and a framed photo of the well known and notorious Overlook Hotel from “The Shining.” If fans missed those hidden references, it’s not too late – take a gander at the trailer in this article to see if you can spot them.

Cujo to show up in New York City

Getting back to the latest Easter egg, as noted by Screen Rant, King made an announcement that a very special character from a 1981 book and 1983 movie will make an appearance in the streets of New York City. How this character will fit into the scene is unknown, as it is none other than Cujo, the demonic rabid St. Bernard.

All the writer can think is that the evil dog will somehow be mixed up with the notorious Man in Black and his evil and strange friends at the Dixie Pig. It’s hard to imagine the dog being walked in the streets and peeing on the nearest water hydrant. According to “The Dark Tower” mythology, “there are other worlds than these,” so the darn mutt could be anywhere.

King’s Constant Readers will be keeping their eyes peeled when finally watching “The Dark Tower” to try and spot Cujo in the streets of New York whenever Roland is in town. Arcel is going to great lengths to produce a movie that will please and excite discerning fans, so no doubt he will find a way to seamlessly introduce the rabid (and extremely large) dog, as he did with the Pennywise and “The Shining” Easter eggs.

With such a shining cast in the form of Idris Elba as Roland the Gunslinger and Matthew McConaughey as the evil Man in Black, this is one movie that is sure to excite those who have read the books, and those who haven’t yet gotten around to it.

Stephen King adaptations coming soon

In the meantime, excitement is also mounting over the latest adaptation of the clown horror “It” and the upcoming original series “Castle Rock” on its way from J.J. Abrams via Hulu. As reported by Blasting News, fans are also waiting for "The Mist” – a new series with a little extra from the original story and the trailer of which was, quite frankly, terrifying.

When it comes to Easter eggs, however, there might just be more hidden away in “The Dark Tower.” Fans can find out when the film finally hits the theaters on August 4.