Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth did not get married secretly, but mark your calendars because the big event is coming up soon. Although the Duggar family has not confirmed that the Joy and Austin have set a date, they recently applied for a wedding license and the expiration date may be the key to the couple's wedding date.

Joy and Austin's wedding date

There were several rumors circulating on Twitter that Joy-Anna got married to Austin on May 20, but that's not the case. The Hollywood Gossip states that a friend of the family has confirmed that the couple is not married.

However...let's talk about the marriage license that they applied for on May 11 in Washington County, Arkansas

The Facebook page, Duggar Family News: Life Is Not all Pickles & Hairspray, recently posted information about the couple's marriage license application. The local newspaper posts all applications in the classified area of the publication. The savvy sleuths over at Pickles & Hairspray spotted Joy and Austin's app.

Considering Duggar family weddings are ginormous — as in 1000-plus guests — one can only imagine that the couple will need just a wee bit of time to plan their big day. How much time? Well, let's say this — if they don't want to re-apply for the marriage license, they will have to get hitched by July 10.

THG states that the license is only valid for 60 days, so we're assuming that the Duggars are hard at work getting ready for another big wedding. And, of course, that will lead to rumors that day after the wedding that Joy-Anna is pregnant. Because that's the norm with the Duggar girls, expect for Jinger — we're still not sure if she's pregnant or not.

Other Duggar wedding rumors

There was speculation that Joy-Anna and Austin were planning a wedding in October on Joy-Anna's 20th birthday. The rumor started when a wedding registry with their names on it surfaced online. It's not clear if it was real or not, but it pointed to an October wedding. It's totally possible the couple put the wrong wedding date on their to throw people off course.

Or maybe we're overthinking things.

If they are waiting until October, Joy-Anna and Austin will have to re-apply for a marriage license. As stated above, the current license expires in July. In order to marry in October, they would have to apply in late August to keep within the 60-day range.

The Duggar family's show, "Counting On" returns to TLC on June 12. If Joy and Austin are tying the knot before July, a wedding date announcement will get people talking just in time for the premiere of the new season. Sounds like the network knows exactly how to boost ratings.