Amber Portwood is being blasted online for considering the release of a sex tape and for some reason, she is completely shocked. After firing at Farrah Abraham for "selling her vagina" during a "Teen Mom OG" reunion special, Portwood is considering doing the same and unfortunately for the reality star and mom to eight-year-old Leah, her fans aren't happy.

“I’m really stunned at the reaction from my fans!!" she wrote on Twitter, according to a May 25 report by Us Weekly. "If you have anything negative to say stop following now!!” Portwood continued on, slamming her fans for being judgmental after first hearing the details or knowing what her meeting was in reference to.

She also added that she was heartbroken and asked, "Where are my beautiful souls?"

If Amber Portwood and Matt Baier decide to move forward with Vivid Entertainment and produce a sex tape of themselves, they will reportedly receive a $85,000 advance and 35 percent of the film's net revenues.

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier's relationship is in a rocky place

As fans have seen on "Teen Mom OG," Portwood and Baier aren't doing very well in their relationship. After becoming engaged years ago, Portwood and Baier were faced with his alleged lies about the children he's fathered and broken up frequently. They've also been faced with the idea of eloping in Las Vegas and, as fans saw on Monday night, Portwood ultimately pulled the plug on doing so.

While Baier hoped to make his relationship with Portwood official in Sin City, she told him she would not go through with a quickly wedding without her family present. Right away, Baier became enraged and suggested a producer give "oral pleasure" to someone as a distraction from the humiliation he was facing.

Amber Portwood's brother was targeted by Matt Baier on 'Teen Mom OG'

After learning Portwood wouldn't marry him in Las Vegas due to a conversation she had with her brother, Baier labeled Shawn Portwood a "fu**ing fa**ot" and told a producer that he wouldn't let him control his decisions. Around the same time, it was reported that Portwood's engagement to Baier had been called off and she promptly removed all of her recent photos of Baier from her Instagram page.

Since then, however, the couple has seemingly settled their issues.

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