The "Game of Thrones" season 7 official trailer finally arrived yesterday, fueling hundreds of articles and theories. The trailer is titled The Great War is here and contains a lot of action. Let's see the preview and analyze some of the most interesting moments.

The War is Here: GOT season 7 official trailer

The long-awaited HBO's official trailer is finally here.

Trailer's analysis: 10 interesting details

When Cersei mentions the "enemies to the south" we see someone sharpening a spear. Although we can't be 100% sure, it is very likely that we're looking at a daughter of Dorne sharpening a spear (since the spear is also in House Martell's sigil).

Those could be Obara Sand's hands.

The amazing throne Daenerys is sitting on is inside Dragonstone. The Mother of Dragons will conquer the fortress, which was the original seat of House Targaryen in Westeros.

In the scene in which a high gate opens in front of Daenerys Targaryen, we're still looking at Dragonstone, the castle that Robert Baratheon gave to his brother Stannis after his rebellion against the Mad King Aerys II.

The moment in which we see a group of Unsullied soldiers getting inside a fortress with some lions on the archway confirms a well-known theory: Daenerys will attack Casterly Rock (the Lannister family seat). Moreover, the gate that rises in a snowy landscape is one of the Wall's gate.

Why the gate is being opened is still a mystery.

Where is Melisandre? When the Red Woman looks down she's in Dragonstone, the only home in Westeros she knows. According to what we see in the trailer, Melisandre is totally going to meet Daenerys in the next season, probably in the first or second episode.

In the scene in which the Dothrakis ride into battle they are fighting Lannisters soldiers, which means that Dany and Cersei's armies will collide multiple time in Season 7.

If you look carefully at the moment in which Ser Robert Strong aka The Mountain appears in his black armour, you will notice a new symbol on his chest. That's Cersei's personal crown sigil.

The last time we saw Brienne, she was put into a rowboat by the Blackfish after the Lannister's conquest of Riverrun. As we can see from "The King in the North" scene of the trailer, Brienne of Tarth will soon be back to Winterfell. The creepy hand reaching trough a door could be Jorah's, who is still afflicted by the greyscale.

Don't forget: "Game of Thrones" season 7 will premiere on July 16.