Amber Portwood is making waves again. It was only yesterday that it was announced she met with Vivid Entertainment about a possible adult film starring her and boyfriend, Matt Baier being made. The meeting took place earlier this month but the contract and offer reportedly leaked yesterday. Portwood hasn't made a final decision on what she plans to do, but she did admit it is being taken into consideration. The "Teen Mom OG" star has come under fire for it because of her own remarks regarding co-star Farrah Abraham's adult video.

Lucrative offer on the table

The details of the deal Vivid Entertainment has offered Amber Portwood have been made public. She will get $85,000 upfront and then will receive 35% of the proceeds from the movie. According to Us Weekly, Portwood is considering the deal because with the millions she could make, she could do so much good. She has acknowledged she lives a comfortable life right now, and she definitely isn't strapped for cash. Unfortunately, that hasn't stopped the critics from coming at her on social media. Portwood addressed her followers yesterday and let them know she isn't into the negativity. In fact, she was shocked by the way her fans reacted to the news of a possible film being made.

Initially, Amber Portwood was the first one from "Teen Mom OG" to be approached by the company to do a film. At the time, she was not interested and turned it down because of her daughter. Farrah Abraham took the deal and has been getting criticized for it ever since. In fact, when she returned to film "Teen Mom OG" two of her co-stars didn't want to film with her because of what happened.

Recently, Amber Portwood has been slamming Abraham for making money off of her sex tape and toys, which is the main point her critics have been hounding her about. Hypocrisy seems to run wild in the "Teen Mom" franchise.

What about Amber and Matt's relationship?

Right now, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are reportedly going through some turbulent times.

The most recent episode of "Teen Mom OG" saw him freak out about not marrying Amber ever after she decided to not marry him in Las Vegas. That outburst is now being attributed to a relapse by Baier himself. Fans aren't sure they believe him, but that is the claim he is making. If the couple does decide to do the adult film, will they be able to get it done before more issues arise? There is some speculation Baier wants to do it more than Portwood, which could explain her sudden change of heart on the stance about her daughter.