It looks like the feud between Abby Lee Miller and Cheryl Burke is getting intense, as the original “Dance Moms” host reacts to the latter’s claim. The “Dancing with the Stars” professional earlier said that the girls on the show get traumatized because of the 50-year-old choreographer’s legal woes. But in a new interview with Us Weekly, the director and owner of Reign Dance Productions seem like she didn’t like the new dance trainer’s allegations and answered all of it. She even considered her statement as a “joke.”

Miller gave Burke an advice

"I think it's a joke," Miller told the publication.

She, then, cleared that inside the “Dance Moms” studio, there were a lot of producers and the choreographer Gianna Martello was also there to see what was happening. A child advocate service person was also there to watch over them, thus everything that has been said and done inside the room was monitored. “So, how could any traumatizing be going on? That's ridiculous," she complained. Evidently irritated, the iconic dance instructress took Burke’s statement personally and even considered it as a “really rough” claim. She even added that in spite of the words she said, she would never do and say the same to her. She even advised her to watch her mouth.

Moreover, Miller called out the 33-year-old dancer, saying that she doesn’t have enough experience to be “Dance Moms” new host.

She said that doing a show for three weeks is nothing like what she had done for the reality dance series for seven seasons, although Burke has competed for “Dancing with the Stars” for 19 seasons. To recall, Burke told Us Weekly in an interview last week that she feels like the girls are traumatized by what happened to Miller.

However, she added that she still has to be strict and do her job as the young ladies’ new instructor.

Miller’s bankruptcy fraud

Meanwhile, it has been known that Miller recently received her ruling for bankruptcy fraud. She is about to start her 366-days sentence on June 23 at the Federal Correctional Institute in Dublin, California.

In 2016, she pleaded guilty to one count of failing to report more than $10,000 worth of U.S. dollars in Australian money after bringing in $120,000 into the states. She also pleaded guilty to one count of bankruptcy fraud.

Originally, she faced 19 more counts of fraud for failing to reveal her total earnings from “Dance Moms” and other money she has from other gigs and businesses when she filed bankruptcy. She, then, quitted the show in March and got replaced by Burke.