"The Bachelorette" is consistently one of the most popular television programs in all of the country. People love to sit on their sofas and watch the trials and tribulations of someone looking for love, whether it serve as a beacon of hope or comic relief. One could assume that this kind of trivial reality program is beyond the scope of macho football players, but they would be wrong. Just ask some members of the Baltimore Ravens.

Ravens watch party

The members of the Ravens who participate get together at the house of tight end Dennis Pitta. They include quarterback Joe Flacco, kicker Justin Tucker, tight end Nick Boyle, and long snapper Morgan Cox.

All are hoping to see the same thing: Rachel Lindsay (this cycle's bachelorette) find love amid the muck and under the bright lights of reality television. And frankly, it looks like a good time.

The clip, courtesy of the team Twitter account, is more of a referendum of the Ravens' failure to put together a party than "The Bachelorette." The television screen is to the dissatisfaction of most (despite being fairly large - those pampered athletes). Meanwhile, Pitta can't put out any snacks besides some lackadaisical cinnamon rolls.

And then, of course, there's Tucker, who obviously took on the role of Whaboom, already the most infamous character in this cycle of the reality show.

Maybe these players should be the focus of their own reality show going forward.

Bonding over "The Bachelorette"

At first, watching the Ravens bond over an episode of "The Bachelorette" may seem like a silly use of their time. After all, offseason activities are beginning to ramp up as May turns to June. Maybe their Monday nights would be better spent working out and learning the playbook, rather than sitting to gossip on the latest puppeteer trying to woo a sophisticated woman.

But these are the kind of activities that build chemistry, which is commonly cited as a reason a team succeeds or fails when the season rolls around. It's important for people who work as teams to have some sort of bond outside of their work environment.

Time will tell if the offense is more in tune with each other because Flacco can throw pop culture references as fast as he can throw footballs.

If the Ravens get off to a good start next season, the whole team should gather together and watch reruns of "The Bachelorette" to get their Super Bowl run underway...and bring in Rachel Lindsay as a guest speaker. Or Whaboom.

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