Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are often surrounded by divorce rumors after the ordeals that they have experienced in the late part of 2016. A lot believed that they were about to split when the 39-year-old rapper was hospitalized after his breakdown while his wife was coping from the Paris robbery.

Although these torments almost break the power couple, they have tried their best to fix their problems and stay together. Now, an insider close to the pair told People that they are both doing well and actually hopeful of their romance to be much better.

A marriage tested by trials

In fact, the source said that Kanye has been gushing about Kim and even calling her as the “sweetest thing.” The parents of Saint and North West are now doing very well, and they are just happy together.

Another insider revealed that they, indeed, experience a tough time for quite awhile and everything between them became uncertain. After the robbery, the star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” was trying to move on, but she felt like her husband wasn’t there for her. The record producer, on the other hand, was dealing with his own issues and also thought that she wasn’t prioritizing him.

Hence, a lot believed that that would be the end of Kim and Kanye’s marriage.

Things between the two got very bad, but it even got worse when they were separated. For the first time, the source unveiled that they felt like they weren't happy being together and being away from each other.

A fight for their love

However, no matter how bad it seemed, Kim wanted to do everything to fight for their marriage.

The source narrated that the television personality kept saying to her spouse that if they managed to get through their problem, they would become even stronger. The source also added that the two have never fallen out of love, but they admitted that it was the time when marriage became hard work.

They even came to the point that they were questioning if fighting for each other was even worth it.

But, if even if they had down times, they believed that staying in love was always worth the fight, so they both chose to face their trials.

Now, their struggle has paid off. Evidently, Kim and Kanye are in a much better place. They are now getting back to the relationship they once had; in fact, even healthier, although there are still good and bad times. And while there are still rumors surrounding the two, their romance is trying its best to battle the storm.

With that, it won’t be very surprising if they decide to break up. But it wouldn’t be, too, a shock if they will stay married for a long time.