Fans of "The Young and the Restless" received a shock today. Decades of ruthless behavior have finally caught up with the Newman patriarch. The great and powerful Victor Newman was brought to his knees. When Nick told his dad that crazy Chloe murdered Adam by blowing up the cabin, Victor was speechless -- realizing that he unleashed Chloe on the town, and had unwittingly played a part in his son's death, Victor cried.

The big reveal

Nicholas very calmly shared with his father how he believed it all went down. He figured out that Victor had Crazy Chloe forge a diary entry that implied Adam murdered Constance Bingham.

Victor wanted Adam in jail to punish him for testifying against Victor and sending him to prison. The Newman patriarch was fooled by Chloe, who had it in for Adam. She wanted him dead because he had unwittingly killed her daughter Delia with his vehicle. The great and powerful Victor Newman has ruled the roost in Genoa City for more than 3 decades. He always finds a way to come out on top of every situation. His family forgives him time and time again, but this time is different. Victor's actions have led to the death of his son. There is no way his money and power can get him out of this one.

A humble Victor?

To see the mighty one fall and become an oh so humble Victor was different. There was no fight left in him.

Instead of trying to redirect, or proclaim his innocence, Victor goes home and confesses all to his wife Nikki, and daughter Victoria. Mr. Newman has been knocked for a loop. He has no defense for his actions. Nick, Victoria and Nikki tell him that he never learns from his mistakes, and he takes it like a man. After years of showing no mercy, Victor is brought to his knees by a woman who is from the wrong side of the tracks.

A woman who does not have his skills, money and connections. This truly is a crushing blow for the man who believed he could control every situation.

What the future holds

The future for Victor Newman is bleak. His family has forgiven him, and tried to understand his methods and motives time and time again. This time however, the blood of a loved one is on his hands, Nikki will either put him out or move out herself.

The rest of the family will walk away from him, for a season. The only one who may be in his corner is Chelsea. Victor and his daughter-in-law are the only two people who know that young Christian is the biological son of Adam and not Nicholas. Should Victor reveal this truth, it will put another nail in Victor's coffin. Chelsea will also be in the dog house. As much as she would hate her father-in-law, he knows this skeleton in her closet, and will use it to his advantage.