If "My 600-lb Life" viewers were polled, Steven Assanti would probably win "most irritating patient" ever. He certainly gets Dr. Nowzaradan's vote for most challenging obesity case. Dr. Now linked his countless weight-loss fails to a nasty prescription drug addiction. In Part 2 of Steven's story, he seeks detox in a drug rehab clinic. In his intake interview, Assanti explained how he feeds his prescription opioid addiction and manipulates hospitals to get pain meds -- and it will leave your jaw gaping.

Steven Assanti bullies his way to addiction, obesity

To say that the 33-year-old is manipulative is like saying a skunk is mildy odiferous. Assanti knows every mind game in the book to get his way and uses them masterfully. He didn't get to 800-lb obesity by being timid and his obnoxious pushiness is part of his addiction. He is shown as a bullying, out-of-control control freak on "My 600-lb Life." His YouTube videos as "FatBoyGetDown" feature bizarre rants against Medicaid which funds his drug addiction. He shockingly disrespects his caregiver and rails over his food stamp benefits which fund his obesity. The welfare recipient uses name-calling, belittling, mocking, screaming, cursing -- anything to scare people into obeying.

Steven Assanti scams hospitals for drugs

The "My 600-lb Life" patient also knows how to work the system. He outlined his method for obtaining drugs, and while it's "legal" it's certainly not ethical. He calls for a non-emergency ambulance as it takes several EMTs to transport him. The reality television star tells the doctors that his leg pain is over an 8.

The seasoned scammer knows that in that ER triage system, docs must give him pain meds. He gets IV Dilaudid therapy at the hospital, a prescription for 120 pills of 7.5-mg opioid drugs (Vicodin, hydrocodone, oxycodone) and another free ride home courtesy of the ambulance. He repeats the procedure 10-15 times a month at different hospitals.

Can detox save Steven Assanti?

Dr. Now kicked the Rhode Island man out of the bariatric surgery program not because he failed to lose weight. Steven took off 100 pounds, almost enough for gastric bypass surgery. But he kept breaking his diet purposely. He blamed a food addiction but then made his dad order pizza just to be difficult. Assanti seems more addicted to bossing others than food. He was so rude to staff that the "My 600-lb Life" physician refused to treat him. Part 2 shows Steven entering detox but viewers aren't holding their breath. The 800-lb man was just as manipulative in the rehab psych ward as he was in the obesity program. Steven says someone has to help him but then admits that he'll con doctors if detox fails and that he's good at getting his way.