If you are watching the current season of "Total Divas," you may be a bit confused about what is going on with Paige and Alberto Del Rio. Last week, she shared that the two had split and she was heartbroken over it. Paige says that he is the only guy that she has ever really loved. It was really hard on her, but it turns out they are back together again and getting married. So when will Paige and Alberto get married?

Alberto Del Rio shares their wedding details

Alberto actually confused the fans by going to Instagram and saying that they were going to be getting married on Wednesday.

If that was true, then they would already be married. Obviously, these two didn't end up getting married, so now everyone is a bit confused on when they will actually Tie The Knot or if they even plan to. It turns out that Paige and Alberto still have plans to get married, but it is still a couple of months away for them. Everyone wants to see their wedding and it is very possible that it could end up an E! special or even on "Total Divas."

During a recent Periscope, Paige and Alberto talked about it all. Alberto said asked when they were getting married and Paige said in June. He even had to question her after she said it to him, though. It sounds like Paige and Alberto don't even really know what is going on with their wedding yet or when it will happen.

The fans want details, but they don't seem to even have them at all. No idea why Alberto said they were getting married last week when it wasn't actually happening though.

Paige and Alberto have been through their issues, but they have somehow been able to work it out. It does sound like they will be getting married soon and probably as early as this summer.

They have already been dating for about a year, but didn't go public about their relationship until May of 2016. She is actually the one who proposed to him in October of 2016, but he bought her an engagement ring later. They do seem like a great couple, and things are going well for them now that they have worked through their issues over the last year.

When they ended up on different shows, it looks like that was the end of Paige and Alberto, but that wasn't the case for them. At the time, Paige said "It makes me really sad because he’s the only guy I’ve ever loved in my life. You can’t really ask him to have a long-distance relationship where you maybe are only gonna see each other for one day a week. Maybe not even that.” They were able to make it work, though. Alberto is not part of the WWE anymore, and Paige has been out for an injury, so they are spending a lot of time together. This has to make it a lot easier on them than the long distance thing that they had going on, which is part of why they split before.

Are you surprised to hear that Paige and Alberto have fixed their issues and are getting married?

Do you think that they are a great match? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Total Divas" on E!. Paige and Alberto will probably give some updates on the show, but hopefully they share with fans before that since the show is so far behind.