Matt Baier is a familiar name to those who watch "Teen Mom OG." He is the current boyfriend of Amber Portwood. The two have been together for a while now and had planned on getting married last October. After something happened, the wedding was called off but the engagement remained. Baier has been heavily criticized by fans of the show and by other cast members as well. Despite all of the comments made, Portwood still intends on marrying Matt Baier at some point in the very near future.

The lies

There have been several interesting details that have come to light about Matt Baier since he was first introduced on "Teen Mom OG." The number of children he fathered has been a hot topic among critics and fans.

Baier has open child support cases and reportedly never sees some of his children. While there is no telling how much of that is true, Gary Shirley brought some things to Amber Portwood's attention on the show which caused trouble in paradise for her and Baier. Matt has said several things about his life have been misconstrued, and he wants to set the record straight.

After talking to a blogger, Matt Baier decided to write a book. It is set to be a tell-all about his life, including how he ended up on "Teen Mom OG." Fans have been making comments about how he "settled" for Amber Portwood after trying to get the attention of Farrah Abraham and "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans. This is reportedly going to be addressed as well, likely with some sugarcoating as to not hurt Portwood's feelings because Baier's old tweets have already surfaced.

MTV sends lawyers

According to the Ashley, MTV sent their lawyers to Matt Baier in regards to the book. As previously mentioned, several pages were leaked, and they didn't make MTV look good at all. The rumors are that they have requested Baier edit almost 15,000 words from the book before it can be published. A lot of rules are put into place once you sign a contract with the network.

Baier likely knew what he was doing when he put the words on paper and now, he will have to deal with MTV and their lawyers. Fans are interested to see how this plays out as gossip from the Ashley is almost always correct.

On top of the bad things about MTV, Matt Baier also focused heavily on Farrah Abraham. There have been some questions as to why he is so fascinated with her, which has critics thinking he still wants her attention. After the "Teen Mom OG" reunion last year, Matt Baier and Amber Portwood will not be reconiciling with Farrah Abraham.