The latest Prison Break news doing the rounds is that Wentworth Miller, who plays Michael Scofield in Prison Break, is no longer worried about an infamous, fat-shaming meme, released by The LAD Bible back in March this year. The meme compared an image of Wentworth in his role as Michael, complete with tattoos, as compared with a photo of the actor, looking very overweight, and reportedly taken in 2010. The meme, which was deleted soon after being posted, bore the caption, “When you break out of prison and find out about McDonald’s monopoly.”

As reported by Gamenguide, Wentworth headed to his Facebook page to comment on the fat-shaming meme, saying that he had just found himself the subject of an Internet meme, but that this wasn’t the first time.

However, he did say the latest one stood out from the rest. With season 4 ofPrison Break ending in 2009, Miller was semi-retired from acting and was keeping a low profile.

Miller admitted that, first and foremost, he was suicidal at the time, which is something he has since written about, but at the time, he suffered in silence. Wentworth added that he was at the lowest point of his adult life in 2010 and was looking everywhere to find relief or comfort. While he said it could have been anything – alcohol, drugs or sex – he turned to food and eating became something that he could finally look forward to.

Wentworth Miller is back in full form for Prison Break season 5

According to CSN, while The LAD Bible removed the meme and apologized to the actor for it, Miller, 44, has finally put it all in his past, and he said at the San Diego Comic Con how happy and proud he is to be part of the upcoming Prison Break season 5 cast. He even hinted that it might go further than just a fifth season.

Miller received a Golden Globe Award nomination for best actor for his role in Prison Break season 4, which ended with a two-part finale back in May 2009. He came back to the public eye in 2013, as a screenwriter for the thriller film Stoker and in 2015, Wentworth was back on the small screen in the role of Captain Cold in The Flash.

Prison Break returns in Spring 2017

Season 5 of the popular show Prison Break is slated by Fox to begin at some time in the Spring of 2017 and in the meanwhile fans can enjoy the trailer, included below.