Nancy Kerrigan is on "Dancing With the Stars" this season, and now she is speaking out about things from her past. People shared that Nancy is admitting to having an Eating Disorder after her big Attack in 1994. She used this as a way to cope with everything going on with her. Now Nancy is coming clean about her past.

Nancy Kerrigan reveals all from her tough past

On "Dancing With the Stars" this week, Nancy Kerrigan opened up about how she dealt with several miscarriages and even blamed herself for these. You could tell it was hard on her to talk about it all.

Now she is revealing a lot more.

Nancy started out explaining some of what went on in her past. She said, "When I went to the 1992 [Winter Games], it felt like it was the first time I came out of my shell. If I saw someone at the cafeteria with a USA jacket on, I’d just go sit with them.” Then in 1994, everything changed for Nancy after being attacked. The media went crazy, and even though it only took her a month to heal, things changed for Nancy Kerrigan.

Kerrigan admitted that things were even hard for her at the Olympic Village because of people talking about her. She was followed by the media all the time. It was all really rough on Nancy Kerrigan. She shared saying, "everything else was really out of control at the time." Nancy started to eat less food all the time, and it ended up spiraling out of control.

When it came to food, Nancy avoided it. She is admitting that she felt like she had control over this part of her life. She could control how much she ate in ways that she couldn't control what was going on with the rest of her life at this time. Nancy even changed the way she did her makeup to hide the fact that she was losing weight.

She would work out all day and then later realize that a banana was the only thing she had eaten all day long. Her manager helped her out and would talk to her telling her to eat "two more bites." Nancy had a hard time, but she was able to get through it all and move on.

Nancy Kerrigan actually noticed her son doing the same thing and was not okay with that at all.

She started eating more knowing that he was watching her all the time. Nancy wanted to be a good example for him and eating was a way that she could do that for her son.

Are you shocked to hear that Nancy Kerrigan had an eating disorder after her 1994 attack? Do you think that things are going a lot better for her now? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "Dancing With the Stars" on Monday nights on ABC.