Hey, "Empire" peeps. Yes, unfortunately. It's very true. We have to let you guys know that your favorite show is not going to be new, tonight. For some reason, FOX has decided to just skip a new episode 14 of season 3 this week, and hold off until next week, Wednesday night, April 26th,2017 to bring you the latest installment number 14, which is labeled: "Love Is A Smoke."

Showing episode 10 again

So, what is FOX airing in the Empire time slot,tonight? Well, they're still airing Empire. It just won't be a new episode. They're going back to the rerun vault to pull out the 10th episode that aired this season, titled: "Sound & Fury." It's the one where Lucious announced the new music project, Inferno.

Cookie vowed to knock him off his throne forever. We saw the first appearance of Rumor Willis as character ,Tory Ash. at Jamal's rehab. Hakeem and Tiana engaged in that big battle with Nessa for a spot in the music showcase, and more. It first aired on March 22nd,2017. So, just under a month ago. Anyways, for those of you haven't seen that one yet, you might want to tune into FOX, tonight, to check it out. For those of you who don't want to watch that one again, you'll definitely want to make other plans, pronto.

New spoilers for episode 14

Alright, so here's a bit of good news. FOX did drop a preview/promo clip for the upcoming episode 14, which delivers a preview of some of the scenes that we'll seeing go down.

We've included the clip (below) for those of you who haven't gotten a chance to see it yet. The clip starts out ,showing us a new scene that features Cookie in action, telling Lucious that Angelo has been hinting that he plans to propose to her. Obviously, Lucious doesn't look too happy about that.

After that, Lucious is spotted telling her that whatever she has with Angelo, doesn't compare to what they had.

Then there's another scene with these two. Cookie is spotted telling Hakeem's baby girl that her grand daddy is a savage beast. From there, it's revealed that the commissioner, Charlotte Frost (played by Eva Longoria), will be showing up to look over Andre's plans.

Will you marry me?

Next , we see Charlotte, saying hello to Giuliana at some point.

It's revealed that Giuliana and Lucious actually have some history together that appears to be of the romantic type. Finally, the clip caps off, giving us a Angelo and Cookie scene that looks extremely serious as he's spotted, finally proposing to her! He tells her: "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Cookie. Will you marry me?" Uh oh! What will she say? She looks extremely shocked in the scene. Unfortunately, it ends before we get an answer from her. It's definitely going to be very interesting to see how that wild scene will play out. Stay tuned.