The fans got to see Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo get married on their show "Counting On." The Wedding aired, but now TLC is sharing that two of her brothers did a behind the scenes video at the wedding that is just now coming out. This is giving fans a bit of an inside view of what went down with them.

Justin and Jackson picked up a few great moments

The video is a home video and starts out showing Jennifer asking about why Jinger has so many buttons on her gorgeous wedding dress. Jennifer thinks they should have done a zipper so it would have been a bit faster.

Fans don't get to see much of the younger Duggars anymore, so it is nice to get a glimpse of them on the video.

They ask Jennifer Duggar what is happening today and she acts very annoyed they might not know as she explains that Jinger is getting married. She says she is excited, but hard to tell if she really feels that way about it. These kids have been to a lot of weddings for the girls in their family lately. Jackson tells her that her voice doesn't sound like she is very excited. She goes on to say it is a very strange wedding since her sister Josie is wearing lights on her head. She did have lights on the crown she wore as the flower girl for Jinger's wedding. She goes on to talk about how big Jinger's dress is for her wedding.

Bart the cameraman for "Counting On" asks if they are getting some good stuff. It looks like the boys might be taking over his job. Next, they go on to talk to Michael, which is Josh and Anna's son. He is looking great and ready for the wedding. He was the ring bearer for the wedding and said that "yes" he was happy to be in the wedding.

Joy said that she wasn't ready for the wedding.

Jessa Duggar Seewald then talks about the fact that she just found out that she is the Matron of Honor and not the Maid of Honor now that she is married. She had no idea that was how it worked. Michael wants to get married someday, but not at that church because it is too small for him.

He then says with a big wedding you need 100 bridesmaids and 100 groomsmaids. This is an adorable video that you do not want to miss. Jinger tells Jackson that she is really excited to be getting married. It looks like things really did work out for her and she is happy with Jeremy.

What do you think of the behind the scenes video from Jinger and Jeremy's wedding? Do you think that they are a great match? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when they start airing on TLC this summer.