It looks like Jinger Duggar Vuolo is enjoying married life with husband Jeremy as they are both getting used to all things that come with being newlyweds. The first month or so after their November wedding was pretty quiet, but they have recently been posting various photos and messages on Jeremy’s Facebook page. You can certainly tell just how happy these two are together.

A couple in love

Jinger has always been just a little different than the rest of her sisters and as seen in a few photos that her new husband has posted, she is enjoying her new life in Texas.

It may have taken a little getting used to for the Duggar daughter to go from such a brood of siblings in one household to just her and Jeremy in a much smaller house. However, she is obviously very much in love and doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

Jeremy Vuolo has nothing but complete devotion to his wife and has expressed his affections publicly when posting their personal photos. Her birthday on December 21 was a perfect opportunity for him to tell the world how he feels. He wrote, “Happy Birthday, my Love. Next only to our Lord Jesus Christ, you are the joy of my life and the delight of my soul! I love you, Jinger.”

What have they been doing since getting hitched?

The Vuolos have been going out together to see the sights of Texas, it looks like.

They even went to see an opera thanks to a special birthday gift for Jinger. In one photo, you can see her sitting next to Jeremy, viewing the stage through binoculars. She enjoys getting out and doing fun things like that, and doing it with her new love makes it even more sweet.

Jeremy is also in awe over his wife’s talent of piano playing.

Every Duggar fan knows that all of the kids have some sort of musical talent as that is part of their homeschooling activities, and Jinger Duggar sure can make her fingers glide across the piano keys. Her husband, who can’t seem to get enough of it, posted a short video of her playing “Oh, Holy Night.” It was quite amazing.

So, is Jinger Duggar already pregnant?

That is the question that every fan wants to know. They are more than anxious to see yet another Duggar baby come along soon. She could very well already be with child by now. After all, her two older sisters, Jill and Jessa, are pregnant, so this wouldn’t be a surprise at all.

Jinger and Jeremy will make sure that everyone knows if and when they find out that they are having their first baby. It shouldn’t be too long before that happens. The baby bump watch is officially on as Duggar fans have been speculating since they got married.

Do you think that Jinger Duggar Vuolo is already pregnant by now?