Grant Gustin is taking a cue from his a certain Scarlet Speedster. Just like his eponymous “Flash” hero, the CW actor is ready to tie the knot. That’s right, folks -- Gustin and girlfriend LA Thoma are engaged.

Grant Gustin engagement photo

“The Flash” concluded season 3 filming last week, and its 27-year-old lead quickly swapped the rainy climes for sand and sun. Kicking his summer break off right, Gustin proposed to Thoma on Saturday, as per his latest Instagram post. A picture says a thousand words, and, for the couple, all of them were happy ones.

Gustin didn’t caption the snap, nor did he need to. Two beaming faces set against the clear blue of a SoCal sky said it all. That and Thoma’s sparking new band, of course.

Check out the photo below:

Not that the pair will have too much time to celebrate. Gustin is currently filming for his short with “Flash” co-star Tom Cavanagh. The pair will swap their Central City heroics for the life of rogues in “TOM&GRANT (Quit Your Day Job),” an Indiegogo-backed venture that is currently in front of the cameras. If you like the duo in their DC roles or enjoy their off-screen antics, this project is probably for you.

See outtakes from their Indiegogo pitch in the tweet below:

Next on The CW’s ‘The Flash’

Meanwhile, Gustin’s beleaguered speedster will continue to faltering in his race to save Iris (Candice Patton) on “The Flash.” Despite their own engagement, the fan-favorite "ship" could see their lives fall apart come May 23.

Aptly titled “Finish Line,” the season 3 finale will pit Barry Allen against Savitar – leaving Iris’ life hanging in the balance until the very last second.

In the meantime, however, there are other problems to be solved. Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) is on the loose, and, if the future holds true, she’s ready to team up with the mysterious entity hiding behind Savitar’s menacing mask.

Tuesday’s “I Know Who You Are” will pit Cisco (Carlos Valdes) against his BFF in a battle that could make his vibes a thing of the past.

Even as friends clash, the “Flash” brain trust will be on the lookout for Tracy Brand. A scientist who holds the key to trapping Savitar in the speed force, the latest addition to DC cannon is still years away from making her pivotal breakthrough. Can HR (Cavanagh) cheer her on to glory? Find out during May 9’s “Cause and Effect.”

Catch “The Flash” Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Click the video below to see a preview for the series’ next episode.