It turns out that not everyone loves Stassi Schroeder's little brother Nikolai. He has been seen on "Vanderpump Rules" more than once and was recently on the reunion show. It turns out that tom sandoval recently went on a huge rant about Nikolai. All About the Tea shared the details about what went down.

James Kennedy and Tom Sandoval share all on Pump Rules Podcast

On the reunion show, Nikolai actually gave out some advice to several of the cast members. He didn't hold back either. Tom was not happy about the fact that he was on the show. He actually said, "He should have never been there, to begin with." It was obvious he wasn't okay with it.

He went on to say that Nikolai is not really wise above his years and even said that maybe he will hit puberty when he is like eighteen-years-old.

James Kennedy did admit that it was a bit "uncomfortable" having the young boy on the set at the reunion, but he didn't go off the way that Tom Sandoval did about it. Fans have seen Stassi's brother on the show more than once giving her some great advice. Tom actually spent several minutes talking about how he felt about Nikolai.

Tom Sandoval didn't think he should be there at all. Tom is actually the one who brought it up, and the people doing the interview thought that he was cute being there. Tom obviously wanted to tell the world his thoughts on it, or he wouldn't have brought it up to everyone.

He said he doesn't mind Nikolai being on the show, but the reunion wasn't the place for it. He didn't want him "dropping his new catch phrase."

Tom just didn't stop there and was going on and talking about Nikolai. He said that one thing that didn't show about it was how Nikolai talked about really bad to him and Ariana both.

He didn't feel like this was the kind of advice he should be getting from a young boy like this and Tom wasn't impressed at all. He went on to say that he told Kristen Doute that she is "perfect." Obviously, Tom doesn't agree with that one at all. They cut that part out of the show, though. They also cut out what he said to Tom and he said that they were really mean and heated, plus they didn't show a lot of what he said to Ariana for the exact same reason.

The viewers didn't see the nasty part.

Are you shocked to hear that Tom Sandoval is not a fan of Nikolai? Do you think that they should keep him off the show totally? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" on Monday nights on Bravo.