Everyone wonders what it pays to be on a reality show and now because of a lawsuit tom sandoval's salary has been revealed. In Touch Weekly shared the details of what Tom is making on the show. Honestly, it isn't near as high as other reality stars out there.

Is Tom getting rich from his time on reality television?

For season one of the show, Tom only made $12,000. Then for season two, he made $25,900. This isn't going to make Sandoval rich, but is an okay income considering that he still has his job at SUR as well. The thing is by season three Tom Sandoval was making about $15,000 per episode.

That is a pretty big increase and really helps his income. This show is doing so great it doesn't look like it will be going anywhere. There has been a lot of talk about the fact that one of them are working very much at SUR now that they show is taking off and doing so well.

So how did Tom's income get revealed? Well his manager, who says he got him the job on the show, is not suing him. It turns out that Tom wanted to cut ties with him and said he "didn't feel like paying him anymore." Now that Tom is making big bucks, he doesn't want to pay him 10% anymore. Of course, the manager wasn't okay with this at all. This case has already been settled, but no word on what the manager got if anything.

Right now, Tom Sandoval is dating Ariana from the show. The two are planning to buy a house together at some point. Since they are starting to make pretty good money from the show, that is going to make their plans even easier. Tom and Ariana don't have plans to get married just yet, but they do have plans to be together long term and seem like a perfect match.

Ariana doesn't have any desire to ever get married, but Tom may be able to change her mind somehow eventually.

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