"From Not to Hot" fans cooled on Mama June's makeover after her reality TV show's season finale. Viewers were disgusted by an ugly "white trash" clash. In one corner were Honey Boo Boo, June, and Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon, and in the other were "Sugar Bear" Mike Thompson and his wife Jennifer Lamb. Shannon's massive weight-loss was lost in the scuffle which left folks nauseated and embarrassed.

Mama June's old life mars new look

June Shannon boasted a 300-lb weight-loss, size 18 to size 4 slim down, and plastic surgery upgrade. She spent over $75,000 on bariatric surgery, skin removal, tummy tuck and breast implant procedure.

But the new exterior didn't hide problems in the "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" star's clan. Shannon vowed to have broken things off with "bad men," including baby daddy of Alana Thompson, Sugar Bear. But, her biggest motivator for gastric bypass surgery was to show off to Mike Thompson and his new wife Jennifer Lamb. She then had them on "From Not to Hot" where a fight broke out.

Honey Boo Boo family feud

Folks who came to "From Not to Hot" to see June Shannon's makeover left in horror. Alana Thompson (the youngest and apparently most mature on the reality TV show) said her father was an absent dad. That set him off, calling June a "f-ing b--ch." Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon defended her mom, and, as teens will do, got carried away.

Mike Thompson blamed June for saying he abused the kids, then proved his violent temper by provoking a fist fight with Lauryn, shouting "c'mon b--ch" and tearing off his shirt (which turned everyone's stomach).

Mama June fans sick with shame

Obesity wasn't the biggest problem on "From Not to Hot." The reality TV season ended with an f-bomb fest and everyone threatening to kick each other's butts.

The adults seemed less upset than the adolescent Pumpkin who was sobbing. Weirdly, June decided that Alana was in danger and demanded (melodramatically) that she be whisked to safety. Mike Thompson cried and punched walls. Jennifer Lamb vacillated between hating June and agreeing with her. She was alternately fearful that her trainwreck husband would prove June right and afraid for his sanity.

Commenters expressed chagrin that they had watched the charade. Many felt that it was staged (and badly) for ratings, and wanted to kick themselves for wasting time on it. The consensus was that no amount of weight-loss, plastic surgery or "Marriage Boot Camp" could save this bunch from their trashy, no-class ways.