Recent “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13 finale theories include the death of someone from the hospital. Considering Jerrika Hinton has announced that she is leaving the show, fans have jumped to the conclusion that she is likely to die. With that in mind, fans have discussed the deaths that have happened. They’ve discussed not just the saddest but the worst and most unfair deaths of all. Here’s a breakdown of the top three.

George O’Malley

The very first doctor to leave by dying, George O’Malley is considered to have the most unfair death of all. It came out of nowhere and “Grey’s Anatomy” fans were angry at Shonda Rhimes for doing it.

In the season 5 finale, it was clear that one of the doctors was going to die, but fans believed it would be Izzie Stevens.

However, fans were given the news during the episode (along with other doctors) that John Doe, who had saved the life of a stranger, was actually George O’Malley. Despite every effort to save him, he died from a brain bleed.

Derek Shepherd

Not all fans agree that this was the worst death of all, but it is one of the most unfair deaths on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Fans were happy to see Meredith and Derek back together, and Derek even decided that his own ego wasn’t worth the end of his marriage to the woman he loved. However, all that was for nothing when Derek was hit by a semi after saving the lives of four other people involved in a car crash.

Ironically, Derek died after suffering brain damage in the accident. He was taken to a hospital that wasn’t equipped for trauma and the neurologist wasn’t available at that moment. He knew he was going to die before it happened, and there was nothing that he could do to stop it.

Heather 'Mousy' Brooks

Out of all the “Grey’s Anatomy season 9 interns, Mousy was the one that most fans actually liked.

She sometimes spoke without a filter, but she was funny and smart at the same time. She kept herself out of trouble, focusing on her career as much as possible. Unfortunately, her career as a doctor would be cut short.

When Shane Ross is sent to find Webber, he decides to send Brooks instead. He was jealous that she was becoming Derek’s favorite intern and decided to steal a surgery from her.

What he didn’t realize was that it would take her life. When finding Webber, she stood in a puddle of water that has an electric current running through it. She died despite Derek trying everything to save her.

Rhimes isn’t fair to her fans or her “Grey’s Anatomycharacters. She’s not afraid to kill the favorites off, but some of them could have had slightly better endings even if it did mean death.