On "The Young and the Restless," Victor Newman hates his former son-in-law Billy Abbott with a passion. He has pulled out all the stops to keep his daughter away from "Billy Boy." He once hired a woman to seduce Billy and had him locked in a prison in another country. This time, however, Victor is driving a wedge between the couple without even knowing it.

The long arm of Victor Newman

Billy and Victoria are in a really good place in their relationship. They are co-parenting their children Johnny and Katherine. And Victoria's older son Reed adores his former stepfather.

The couple are working together successfully at Brash and Sassy, and even shared a kiss. On Friday's episode, Victoria was troubled about a secret she was keeping from her ex. He could tell something was wrong, but she insisted all was well. Vicki became nervous and began distancing herself from Billy, and it's all because of her dad.

After Nikki, Nick, and Victoria found out that Victor framed Adam for murder, and that his choices led Chloe to blow up the cabin with Adam inside, they made a pact. The trio decided to spare the family and keep Victor's dirty little secret, but immediately began to shun him. Nikki kicked her spouse out of her bed, and forbade him from attending Reed's birthday party.

Nick decided to have his daughter Faith move out of the house with her grandparents, and go back home. And now, Victoria is feeling guilty that she is keeping all of this from her former husband. Fans know from past experience that the couple is about to be torn apart again.

What the future holds

When Billy Abbot suspects something, he is like a dog with a bone, and will not let go.

He has already questioned both Victoria and her mother. This constant pressure is going to cause Victoria to snap. She is being forced to choose to protect her business and her blood, and sacrifice all the progress she and Billy have made up to this point. Eventually, one of the Newman clan will crack, because no one can keep a secret very long in Genoa City.

When the truth comes out, it's going to tear Billy and Victoria apart. Billy is continually telling his former spouse that she is beginning to operate just like her father. He will be crushed to know that Vikki chose the "Mustache" over him once again. This couple has so much hope and promise. They are just beginning to fall in love again, and have wonderful chemistry. Victoria Newman and Billy Abbot deserve to be happy. As long as they are connected to Victor Newman, it's really not possible.