When "The Voice" 2017 resumes next Monday on NBC, the top 12 aspiring vocalists representing super star coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine, and Alicia Keys will sing live for America's votes and the chance to snag iTunes vote multipliers. So how did the top 12 fare with music downloaders during the live playoffs, which concluded April 18? Here's a quick look at the rankings, as of 11 AM Pacific on April 19.

'The Voice' itunes vote results

Given that the teams coached by Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys performed on Monday night --24 hours before the teams mentored by Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine-- the numbers aren't perfect representations of viewer interest, but they can give a clue as to how the singers will fare during the top 12 show.

Here's a glance at how the covers performed by the top 12 ranked after the second day of "The Voice" 2017 playoffs: (*Note: covers encased in parentheses were performed during a previous phase of the competition.)

  • 37. Hunter Plake, "Elastic Heart" (Team Gwen)
  • 70. Chris Blue, "Love on the Brain" (Team Alicia)
  • 73. Lauren Duski, "Someone Else's Star" (Team Blake)
  • (92. Hunter Plake, "I Want to Know What Love Is" (Team Gwen))
  • 99. Stephanie Rice, "Every Breath You Take" (Team Alicia)
  • 113. Brennley Brown, "Fly" (Team Gwen)
  • 166. Troy Ramey, "A Case of You" (Team Gwen)
  • 184. Lilli Passero, "It's Too Late" (Team Adam)
  • 233. Jesse Larson, "Sir Duke" (Team Adam)
  • 238. Vanessa Ferguson, "Lean On" (Team Alicia)
  • (247. Hunter Plake, "Carry On" (Team Gwen))
  • (374. Stephanie Rice, "Safe & Sound" (Team Alicia)
  • 377. Mark Isaiah, "All Time Low" (Team Adam)
  • 406. Aliyah Moulden, "Mercy" (Team Blake)
  • 552. TSoul, "Knock on Wood" (Team Blake)

Breaking it all down before the top 12 show

At a glance, Team Gwen's Hunter Plake seems like he may wind up being the contestant to beat.

Three of the covers he's delivered over the course of the season --plus a duet with Jack Cassidy, who was eliminated from the competition on Monday night-- were ranked within the top 500 on the iTunes chart as of press time. He also scored the highest placement of all of the contestants: number 37 for Sia's "Elastic Heart." He could well fare very well with iTunes voters, and though the iTunes vote multipliers provide only five-times the number of iTunes votes, consistently scoring bonuses could help him in the end.

Who will be eliminated next week when "The Voice" 2017 top 12 live show airs on NBC? Tune in, vote, and find out.