'The Simpsons' has always taken from the public for their characters and story development, and it is now doing so with President trump and his first 100 Days in office. FOX news uploaded a clip on Youtube on Wednesday, April 26 that gave an inside view into their take on the President's 100 day progress. From Sean Spicer to Steven Bannon and even the presidents famous hairdo, "The Simpsons" somehow squeezes it all into a small time frame and certainly gets their message across.

Opinion on the first 100 days

The clip begins with Sean Spicer dead after he hung himself with a paper pinned to him that reads "I Quit." Directly following Kellyanne Conway running off not wanting to replace Sean Spicer as press secretary, Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner choke each other.

Up the stairs is Trump in his bedroom with a cat sitting on his head as his hairdo. He scrolls through his phone listing his accomplishments within his first 100 days in office: I "lowered my golf handicap, my twitter followings have increased by 700 and finally we can shoot hibernating bears." Just this quote speaks on what the show thinks about Trump's success.

Later on, an aide enters the frame and gives Trump a bill to sign for tax cuts that reads "for only Republicans", with Trump replying, "Can't Fox News read it and I'll just watch what they say." This scene is then transported to the Simpsons' family living room where Marge is sitting on the couch watching these events, taking prescription medicine, and accidentally finishing it all.

She comments, "this was supposed to last me all four years!"

The deadline of Presidents' first 100 days in office

Our President has received major backlash since even before he stepped foot into office. Now through his presidency and the pressure to make change within his first 100 days in office only continues the bashing and critiques of his wrongs and rights.

This segment from 'The Simpsons' only shows what the writers and producers think has had major impact. They still did not mention any of the other things Trump has done these past couple of months, such as the Islamic ban he put on certain countries in the Middle East. Maybe that would have been too many blows to take at the new president. However, if the president plans to make some changes that will change the way people view him and his role as our new leader, he will have to do so quickly before his 100 days are up on April 29.