Any longtime fan of Scott Stapp or Creed knows that the lyricist and lead singer redefines passion in performance. His voice today is even richer than at the height of his reign with Creed. Back then, pure youthful exuberance and an “old soul” wisdom penetrated through every line sung on stage. Scott Stapp understands the scouring of the soul, body, and spirit, and that soulful depth leaves a seasoning to his voice and his personal story from the stage that was never heard in his 20s when “My Own Prison” surged onto the charts and forever into musical consciousness.

Scott Stapp is marking the 20th anniversary of that remarkable album’s release with his Live and Unplugged Tour, beginning May 11. Besides his concert performance being etched in hearts and souls, fans will be able to carry the show away in their hands, too, and all for a good cause.

A truly captured keepsake

When “My Own Prison” in its original form on the Blue Collar label appeared, fans of the band known for slaying it at Floyd's Music Store in Tallahassee bought copies out of car trunks. It was the live shows that built Creed’s reputation and set Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti apart from songwriters of their time. The searching, soul-piercing lyrics from Stapp, combined with the melodies of Tremonti seemed laser-focused on a spectrum of fans who wanted something real.

The songs from the stage started to be requested on local radio stations, and that ultimately led to a six-time platinum collection, with tracks “One,” "Torn,” and “What’s This Life For” becoming unprecedented single releases for a debut.

Bootleg concert recordings were the only way to keep precious concert moments preserved in those days, and for a pretty penny.

For this tour, Scott Stapp has a way to keep the moment treasured in two ways. In partnership with DiscLive Network and VNUE, Inc., concert-goers and fans will be able to take home a live and fully mastered double CD of their show. Fans may even pre-order sets directly for pickup at the shows or for direct shipment through

The sets will be numbered, limited editions of only 500 copies. Because this tour will be “stripped,” the audience connection and emotion will undoubtedly be amplified.

Support for ChildFund International

Scott Stapp has supported ChildFund International with a very personal appeal through his previous two Proof of Life solo tours, detailing how the charitable outreach has been a meaningful part of his recovery in “looking outside myself.” A portion of the proceeds from the $25 sale price of the CD sets will go to ChildFund International, whose outreach to deprived, excluded, and vulnerable children worldwide assists in improving their lives and supporting educational and social growth to build them into young adults, parents, and leaders for positive change in their communities.

Scott spoke in a statement of how “special” it is that fans and concertgoers have a “take home,” tangible, and lasting “live recording of the show they just experienced.” CEO of DiscLive and VNUE, Zach Bair, is excited to be working with Scott Stapp as part of the celebration of “My Own Prison.”

The Live and Unplugged Tour sets out May 11 in Mobile, AL and runs through June 20 in Memphis. More details can be found at

Scrapbooks and ticket stubs all have their place in the treasure gallery of fans, but this time, all fans need to do to relive their special night is press play.