As the situation in Venezuela continues to fall into greater crisis, the people grow impatient. The citizens who take pride in the flag that represents their homeland, have grown tired of the limitations and circumstances President Nicolas Maduro has placed on them. With the people of Venezuela now taking up the streets with their chants and shouts for the liberty and freedom of themselves and political prisoners president Maduro has taken, chaos is to become inevitable. Now, President Nicolas Maduro has plans to rewrite the constitution, but along the people's side is the United States growing concern for the severity and condition of the falling nation and its people, certain senators begin to propose sanctions for the leaders and members of the Venezuelan government.

The conditions of the people

The people who once supported Hugo Chavez before his passing, had faith in Nicolas Maduro but now see that he hasn't driven the country nowhere but down. The Chavista's are now tired of Maduro's regime and his attempt to save Venezuela meanwhile the basic supplies and food have become scarce, the 'bolivar' hits triple inflation, and the streets get taken over by danger, the nation remains in a struggle to keep it's citizens well off. The protests regarding the conditions of the people never held the majority of the poor and now as things worsen, the people living in the slums became a major factor on how these protests will continue, whether a revolution begins or things remain the same.

While these protests take place, President Nicolas Maduro has different plans to deal with what is happening. He has desires to rewrite the constitution of the country, People in the opposition have said that the "constituent assembly" is an attempt for Maduro to dominate and gain control over the authority of the opposition by avoiding the elections, which he is likely to lose.

The "constituent assembly" which he proposes, has the power to dismantle any public power such as the legislature and announce new elections, with no scheduled dates.

The U.S gets involved

United State senators have joined to pass a bill, a bill that gives $10 million in humanitarian assistance to the nation to help the conditions it's people are in.

The bill also includes addressing the corruption and drug trade that takes place within the nation. However, the Venezuelan government refuses aid as they see it as attempt to intervene in it's affairs and have also denied the charges of corruption.

Senate aides said the bill is to resolve the crisis and issues within the country that undeniably needs help, to uncover the root problems which led to the economic and social downfall.