Cinco De Mayo is a celebrated holiday in the U.S and has been for some time now. Although not an American holiday, it is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the victory of the Battle of Puebla, one of the states in Mexico. This day is about the battle against the French Forces, the impossible victory while being outnumbered and holding its independence against one of the world's largest armies in 1862. During this time, the Mexican republicans decided to take pride in this win and they celebrated it as did the Mexican-Americans who lived north of Mexico.

This spread the holiday to the U.S. Now it is not so much about the battle but more about partying and the importance of the battle is forgotten.

How does the U.S celebrate?

In the 1960's, during the Chicano movement, the holiday garnered enthuisiasm because it celebrated its people and the defeat of a greater power. With this popularity, major alcohol companies began to take note of opportunity and began advertising Mexican beer and other products. As time passed, the celebration became more distant from what the day actually symbolizes. No longer do people in the United States know what is being celebrated so they tend to use the day as an excuse to drink and promote Mexican stereotypes.

From large sombreros to tequila bottles, to wearing pancho's the public seem to think that the day is the Independence day celebration for Mexico.

It is not. It is similar to the promotion of Irish stereotypes during St. Patrick's Day with the color dye of the hair and the green suits, while not knowing what the day is about. In the Mexico case, the misunderstood symbols are the large sombreros and tequila. Certain people fail to recognize the issue as they are uninformed about the circumstances of the holiday celebrated in a different country.This feeds into the false representation of their culture and holiday.

What is the importance of this battle?

The battle against the invading French forces is a relevant subject to this day. Many countries get invaded by larger nations that have strong armies and allies. Mexico remains as a corner stone for those nations that fight against the odds and surprisingly make it through.

The reason for the invasion was that Mexico owed France money, which was lent to them during the Mexican-American war and the nations civil war.

However this is history that is taught in Mexica but not in the U.S. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to see that the USA citizens are lacking some knowledge of the history of Mexico. Nevertheless, it is important to understand history when celebrating a holiday of another culture.