After a much longer wait than normal, “The Originals” Season 4 premiered with some major promises. One of those that fans would finally see Hayley and Elijah be together. The trailer made it very clear that this was certainly possible and that Hayley’s love for Elijah hadn’t waned over the last five years.

Fans will need to remember that “The Originals” saw a five-year time jump between the season 3 finale and season 4 premiere. This would change everything for the characters, while the fans only have a 10 month gap.

Hayley and Elijah still have a chance to be together

There is still time for the showrunners to deliver on their “Halijah” promise. The show is just four episodes in of a 13-episode season. There have also been hints that the two are fighting to be with each other, considering Elijah went straight to help his hybrid girlfriend the moment he woke from the spell that was keeping him alive.

Episode 3 even had a date and some time between the sheets for the couple. They are very much in love and there is plenty more of that to come. The problem is they have a big evil to face right now.

“The Originals” will be a real-life type of love

Too many shows get two characters together and have them living perfect lives together for a short period of time.

This isn’t something that “The Originals” wants to offer. While Hayley and Elijah are together, it will take time for them to have another chance at a date and some alone space. There are plenty of other events happening around them.

Hayley also has a daughter she needs to protect. Fans can already see by the trailer for this week that Klaus is going to struggle with his connection to The Hollow.

Hope isn’t out of danger yet, and Hayley will do everything that she can to protect her daughter, even if that means putting her own happiness to one side.

Things won’t be easy for Hope. Her mother is in love with her uncle, which has proven in the past on other TV Shows to be a confusing storyline for kids. She will be at an age now where she understands the different relationships in the family and may question why her mother isn’t with her father.

Hayley will need to find out her daughter’s thoughts before heading for a romance with Elijah.

“The Originals” season 4 returns on Friday at 8pm on the CW. The focus is currently on Klaus and Marcel, as they go head-to-head after seeing the blue orb of The Hollow. Stay tuned to find out if Elijah and Hayley will finally get to be together.