It’s Klaus vs. Marcel in “The Originals” this week. The promo for “The Originals” season 4, episode 5 shows that they are both infected by the magic from last week. They have been marked by The Hollow and will need to kill each other so they can both survive. At least, that is what they believe. Is it possible that they will save each other?

Hayley and Elijah work together to stop the dark magic

One of the ways to prevent the dark magic from getting any worse is by finding out about the link and the crescent moon pack. That is something Hayley and Elijah will do this week, according to the synopsis released by the CW.

They will speak to Mary, who knows about the mysterious link. It is clear that Hope is still not safe, despite Hayley staking Elijah to temporarily unlink the children, so Vincent could save them all.

Meanwhile, Freya will risk her life in an effort to save her brother. It is “always and forever” with the Mikaelsons and Freya will take that to the extreme this week. She is exhausted from all the magic she has performed on “The Originals” recently, but needs to remove the connection to The Hollow right now.

Keelin will also need to make a decision. She will get the chance to run away from the Mikaelsons forever, saving her life. However, it is possible that she will stick around and help to save the family, since she made a promise and oath.

She isn't seen in the promo but is mentioned in the synopsis.

Mikael will return to “The Originals”

By the looks of the promo for season 4, episode 5 Mikael will return to the show. This will likely be in Klaus’ head due to The Hollow. Klaus and Marcel will receive a haunting connection to the spirit, forcing them to face off against each other.

For Klaus, Mikael will tell him that Marcel is going to kill him unless he kills Marcel first.

There are many questions from fans about how this fight will end. Marcel is an Uber Vampire, capable of killing The Original family with a bite. He is far more powerful than Klaus, so is more likely to win. Is it possible that part of Freya’s spell will help to give Klaus the power he needs to overcome Marcel’s strength or will she just unlink them from the spirit?

The Originals season 4, episode 5 will air on April 14, 2017 at 8pm on the CW. It was written by Kyle Arrington and directed by Chris Grismer. Maybe after this there can be the focus on reversing the super power that Marcel has gained and continue finding a permanent cure against his bite.