“The Originals” season 4 is focusing on the storyline with The Hollow. Now that both Klaus and Marcel are no longer quite connected to the force (and haven’t killed each other either), they need to find out a way to get rid of it. It’s definitely not going to be easy, but Elijah makes it very clear that he is done with trying to reason with it.

‘The Originals’ has a new evil in town

Since The Hollow is a mystical force in “The Originals,” it will need the help of someone already on Earth. That is the mystery servant that Klaus and Elijah will need to locate as quickly as possible.

To do that, they decide to throw a lavish party in their home, inviting everyone who is anyone. Although Klaus does remark that it will be a shame when the “walls are covered in red.”

The servant does appear and dances with Klaus from the look of the trailer. He threatens to kill her, but she is certain that that won’t happen. Just what type of hold will she have over the Mikaelsons and Marcel? Is she somehow unstoppable?

Hayley learns more about her parents

While “The Originals” has always been about family, its always been about the Mikaelsons. Hayley’s family has been mentioned now and then but not really focused on. During the earlier seasons, we knew that she was royalty in her pack and betrothed to Jackson but that’s been all the information she has really gained.

Now she will learn more about her family. More specifically, she wants to learn more about the deaths of her parents. She likely has memories of their deaths, but will need help unlocking those memories. That means she needs to turn to a witch, and who better than Freya? After all, Freya is one of the most powerful witches in New Orleans.

Vincent works his magic to find the threat

While Vincent wanted to break away from the vampires in “The Originals” season 3, that hasn’t happened this season. He has been pulled back in—and back in to help the Mikaelsons. This week he will need to help the Mikaelsons locate the latest threats.

It’s unclear just how he will get a chance to break away from the original vampires—or if that will ever happen.

It’s surprising that he remains the witch to turn to. Despite being a New Orleans witch, he is no longer connected to the ancestors due to severing the link last season.

“The Originals” season 4 continues in two weeks time. The CW it taking a week off from all its shows this week. This marks just short of the halfway mark for this season.