Recently, the folks on the ABC press team, served up the latest press release spoilers for their upcoming "Agents Of SHIELD" episode 19 of the current season 4. They gave us three, new storyline scoops in this session, and they sound very interesting and intense as Aida will have this horrifying secret that Coulson and company find out about. Meanwhile, there's going to be a very unlikely partner that Daisy will decide to team up with. If that weren't enough, Aida will set in motion her entire end game!

It's "All The Madame's Men"

We also got a title for this episode.

It turns out that the producers, decided to name it: "All The Madame's Men." That is ,no doubt, in reference to Aida's Madame Hydra role that she's created in this severely twisted framework reality. To start off their official plot summary, they revealed, in all caps, that Coulson's SHIELD team is going to find out about a terrifying secret that Aida's been hiding. What could this crazy secret be? Will SHIELD be able to do anything about it? They didn't give us any elaboration on that storyline, so we'll have to wait and see if those questions get answered when the episode actually airs. This will probably be a very big storyline, since they did put it in all caps.

Combine forces

Next, they let us know that we'll be seeing more of Daisy in action.

At some point, she's going to decide to combine forces with someone that will actually be quite a surprise, as they refer to this person as being an unlikely partner. The obvious question with this scenario, is who is this shocking ally? And will this team-up work out? That's all the info that they gave us for this plotline, so it looks like we'll have to wait and see it in the episode.

However, they may give us a spoiler glimpse in one of their expected sneak peek clips. Who knows? It definitely sounds like we'll see some interesting scenes from it.

Ultimate end game

Finally, they gave us this last storyline scoop, which reveals that Aida will be in crazy action ,yet again, by telling us that she's going to be very busy, putting all the preparations in place to make sure that her ultimate end game gets put into effect and goes off without a hitch.

Will her end game be allowed to carry out? Or will Aida be able to set it in motion with no problems from SHIELD? If it does go into effect, what will be the result of it? These are the huge questions for this storyline. We definitely can't wait to see how all that will play out. This episode was written by the team of: James C. Oliver & Sharla Oliver, and it was directed by Billy Gierhart.

On last thing, we can also confirm from the press release that the new episode 19 is currently scheduled to air on Tuesday night, April 25th,2017 at 9pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.