Hope has become a favorite for “The Originals” fans. It’s not surprising. This witch-werewolf-vampire hybrid is super powerful, super cute, and well portrayed. However, the only hybrid of her kind is only showing powers of a witch. Despite being called Klaus’ “little wolf,” the character is just showing witch powers. How is that possible?

Not all genes have been activated

“The Originals” fans have taken to social media to work out the issue. Believing there to be some continuity issues, they’ve asked other fans about Hope’s three genes. She definitely has all three, but not all of them have been activated just yet.

There is only the witch gene that is activated from birth, as has been seen in “The Vampire Diaries” with the Gemini coven.

There are still two genes that will need to be activated and time will tell if either of those happen. For now it looks like she will remain a witch. The vampire gene would cause problems with an actress so young.

‘The Originals’ kill to become werewolves

The only gene that could realistically be activated on the show right now is the werewolf gene. “The Vampire Diaries” already made it clear that a person needs to kill someone to activate that gene. It can be by accident or on purpose, but it’s the death of a human (or a witch) that makes that gene come to life. So far, Hope is controlling her temper but it is possible that she will activate the curse soon.

As for the vampire gene, that can only be activated with her death. Unlike humans, Hope will always have vampire blood running through her system because of her father’s DNA. This was confirmed in “The Originals” season 1 finale when Hayley had to drink from Hope to continue the transformation and become a hybrid. When she dies, she will come back as a vampire and need to finish the transformation.

Activating Hope’s vampire gene isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. It would mean Hope has to remain a child for the rest of the series. The only way that this could happen is if “The Originals” season 4 is the final season and she turns toward the end.